Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In triage

Haven't felt the bebe move much today so I called the dr. Was instructed to come in for fetal monitoring so here I lay, naked in a gown, drinking juice, strapped up. Nurses here are really nice! Bebe's looking good. Now she moves some, drama queen! Not as much as usual though.

Nursery Update

An update in mostly pics because I'm lazy and getting sick...

Fugly green carpet

DH and BIL pulling up said carpet

It's a beige, beige house now!

I need a light in the closet...

I'm happy, I really am, but...

My only childness may be coming out a lil....

Flashback to Dec 2006. Our announcement that we're engaged the day I graduate college. SIL and now BIL dated for about 10ish years at the time, eng for 8..approximately! No date ever set or really any intentions on getting married anytime soon. We have my grad party and surprise we're engaged too! lol. At the frickin' party she says "Yeh, we wanna get married soon too. When y'all thinking?" I say June a year and a half from then, b/c we had talked about that in advance. She says, "Yeh we're thinking April that year, 2008." Figures, gotta beat us. She lolligags while I plan our wedding....the week after we get married they set the date for Dec of 08. I plan the wedding being as that's what I do on the side. She couldn't be the only one not married. Kinda peeved me.

We had talked here and there about TTC and then we get pg this past July and tell family in August sometime. Lo and behold Sept they want to start TTC. Whatever. Well, she tried to stop BCP but her acne acted up so she decided to postpone it...b/c there's not a thing called pg acne, is there? Duh. Anyway, she's a partier, always out with her friends while her DH is working or at home. Never invites him anywhere. They stop TTC until Dec and she gets on Clomid b/c she has a feeling she doesn't ovulate. She works at a OBGYN so he wrote her a script without any tests, etc....she tells me this was her plan to get on meds right away. I'm slightly judgey there! So in Dec they start trying again but her DH has an injury around O time leaving them unable to TTC. So Jan is their first official month of TTC and she just texts me she's pg. 3.5 weeks along.

It seems like DH and I can never enjoy these moments in our life b/c anytime we announce something it's like she's gotta show us up and join the crowd. It's just annoying. I wish them the best and I really am happy for them. They're hoping for multiples so this will be her only pg, b/c she doesn't wanna "get fat twice." This is another reason they started her out on Clomid since the beginning. :/

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i suck

This I know. I think of blogs at the most inopportune time and then forget when in front of the computer.

To catch up: I'm 27 wks now. WTF? Almost 3rd tri????

Started on the nursery which I'll post some pics on, I promise. Hopefully, we'll get the carpet down this weekend so that we can actually put together the crib and get things going in there.

Glucose test tomorrow. No fun.

Been going to Bradley Method classes, all of 2. Just 10 more to go! But then that means the bebe will be here then...eeek!

And it's frickin' cold here! I live in the south and we've had 20 degree (or lower) weather for the past few weeks. Not cool.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthing class tomorrow

I have my first of 12 Bradley Method classes tomorrow night. I'm really excited but kinda upset that DH won't be able to attend the regular classes. My mom will be coming with me tomorrow and to the classes that talk about coaching as she will be in the delivery room with me and DH works nights. But, the instructor said there will be a lot for me to take home to him and we can practice stuff. Anyway, sorry for my lack of posting! I've had a lot going on so lots to post! :)