Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long and random

Yesterday was an awesome day on many levels.

I finally got to use a gift certificate for a massage that my mom bought for me for Christmas 2007. I assumed it was a half hour one and was pleasantly surprised when the masseuse started rubbing on my legs. Although, I have not shaved in a couple weeks probably since it's been so cold. So she was in for a little treat! And my butt got some love. Instead of the normal poking/pushing, it got full-palm groping. Sweet!

But this extra half hour made us late for dinner with my longtime childhood friend who is 15 wks pg and her husband. They got married 2 weeks before us so we caught up on the times and shared wedding pics. I had many glances from DH when she'd do something in reference to her pregnancy or talk about something pg-related. I can tell he's really anxious and ready to get to trying!

After that we met up with DH's crazy ass sister and her crazy ass friend to go out. They came in from OOT because both of their husbands are on a bachelor party in Vegas. Did I mention they're crazy? Well, yeah the night was wild and we got some good pics! They're sending them to me later. We went barhopping with them and my cousins and their friends. Much fun! DH and I celebrated silently what MAY be my last night out, drinking. ::fingers crossed:: He leaves for his work turnaround tomorrow and will be gone until March. I probably will be a bump on a log until he gets home; aside from V Day weekend that I'm going up to visit him. This is also the weekend I'll be ovulating so we'll have good timing on that one, hopefully. I drank too much. Stunk outrageously when I woke up this morning. But fortunately I'm not hungover!

So yeah, that was yesterday.

Today, we're getting a new hot water heater since ours is crap and is now soaking my many pairs of shoes in our closet. Don't ask why someone would put a water heater in the closet. I'm just glad to have regularly scheduled hot water and dry shoes. Little joys in life I tell ya.

Well, this is getting to be a novel...

Monday, January 26, 2009

My mom, our sitter apparentally

So my mom called me last Wednesday to tell me she's quitting her job on Thursday. She took off Friday anyway to help with the garage sale (see previous post). She said she was tired of the constant mental harassment from her boss and yada yada yada. She's been working there for 17 years, ever since my parents got divorced.

She ends the conversation with "So I'm taking a while off, if I go back to working at all. I'm not sure if I want to work, part-time or full-time. And now would be a great time to have a baby."

While I don't totally disagree with her point on her being out of work means she could watch the future spawn, but she's out of work NOW. Even if we were to get PG like yesterday it'd still be 9 months from now. Ah, silly moms. I'll be sure to tell the ute to speed up the process because future spawn's grandmother is out of work to watch le bebe.

Logic at its finest.

Garage sale SCORE!!!

We had a garage sale at my cousin's house Friday and Saturday. It was 4 families. We totalled almost $2,000! DH and I collected about $330. I'm so excited! All that for crap that was laying around the house, not getting used. We're putting it in our baby fund!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have + OPK!!!

Since we'll start TTC next month I decided to try and confirm O this cycle. Well here at CD 16, I got a + OPK and the ovulation pains to prove it! Woot woot! Yes, I admit I'm an OPK virgin. At least it's preparing me for POAS. Oooohhhh the addiction to come...

My sleeping bebe

Isn't he the cutest?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Stocking up!

In preparation for all the baby-making that will take place next month, I just ordered some HPTs and OPKs from I'm *hoping* we won't have to use as many as I bought, but you know how that goes! Also, the past couple of months I've noticed my CM wasn't as abundant as it used to be so I went ahead and ordered some PreSeed so that should be fun! lolz.

Anyway, getting excited.

I ovulated this weekend. DH tried to persuade me into "trying" this month. He almost won, but I'm trying to do the responsible thing. He wanted to leave it up to chance but just in case we do get pg on the first cycle, I want to start next month. If we did get pg this cycle my due date would be the week of my BFF's wedding and I'm the MOH. I don't want to risk not being there for her or missing her big day. So February it is!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting in shape

So I guess I better get off my ass and try to lose a few pounds. I've been pretty busy so it's hard to get to the gym. The Wii and Wii Fit only do so much. So I think I'm going to start Weight Watchers again, but on my own. Last time I did it online and I think I can do that on my own and not spend the $15/mo.

So I figured out my points allowance. Bookmarked a calculator. We're good to go!

Yay, FUN! ::eyeroll::

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. --David Viscott

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting Organized!

So we're starting the year off by getting organized. The house is in such disarray from the holidays, the wedding and everything!

First off: the guest bedroom

Closet is first! We had a cluster eff of a guest bedroom closet where we store some off-season clothes and misc crap. We got one of the Rubbermaid Configurations system (I asked for it for Christmas!). There's a bottom shelf that's adjustable. Shoe bag hanger thing is on door for my extra shoes, because I have a million pair! lol.

We also put a shelf hangy thing in there because I have a bunch of t-shirts that are overflowing our dresser so I'll probably throw some of them in there too. I'm so excited. We still have like 5 big things to work on for organizing the house. I guess it's an early Spring Cleaning!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last TTA Cycle!

Today I sit here cramping, miserable, yet so excited! This is our last cycle TTA, until July should we not get pregnant before then. It's very exciting and scary thinking that soon we may become pg. So, I guess I'm looking forward to this week and month being over so that we can officially kick off our TTC journey. It'll most certainly be a new experience TTC! Hopefully I can shed a few more pounds this and next month just to feel better.

Looking forward to next month...