Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear membranes in my nose,

If you'd kindly thicken up, I'd greatly appreciate it. This bloody nose every other day is getting old. I got pg so I wouldn't have to have a period for 9 months, duh. I don't need to have one on my face coming out of my nasal cavity thank.ya.very.much.

Should there be a murder at my office one day, I'm sure I'll be a prime suspect with the amount of blood on the bathroom floor. nft.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!

We get to see bebe tiger tomorrow! Woot woot!

Send good thoughts that all is well!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Puking while driving on the interstate where there's no shoulder is not very easy. Just FYI.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ah, pregnancy firsts

I've been blessed with this child and I pray everyday that everything will be OK. I have also been blessed with glorious reminders that (s)he is doing well...ah symptoms! It's been a crazy experience of firsts.

A couple weeks ago, for like a week an a half I had this pressure in my throat and come to frickin find out it was heartburn. What a revelation! I've never experienced hb before. As unpleasant as it was, it was nice to figure out what the discomfort causing extra nausea was!

This brings me to yesterday, when I hit 8 weeks -- so did my bowels to a brick wall. Full on slow motion going on in there. In my 25 years and millions of pounds of cheese consumed, I have never experience the joy that is constipation. Yet, this child is quick to tighten up on my system. Eh, less bathroom trips I guess!

Love you lil tiger and whatever pain and torture you will find humorous to throw my way. I may bitch, but inside I really will gladly take it as a reminder of you. But sshhh, don't tell daddy. Mommy likes his concern and catering right now.