Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catching up...

Sunday, March 14
Had a wonderful shower with tons of family and friends at my aunt and uncle's house. Our last one for this pregnancy.

Monday, March 15
I took off work to visit Babies R Us and buy any more necessities for our bebe's arrival. We also finish up the nursery -- for the most part.

Still going to the chiro this week to try and get bebe to flip.

Monday, March 22
Dr's appt. Bebe's still transverse (sideways), but my Dr still thinks she can flip. If she doesn't a C-Section will be mandatory. I'm not dilated any, but my cervix is soft and anterior so my Dr believe as soon as she flips, we'll have a little one on the way! We schedule an ultrasound for that Thursday.

Thursday, March 25
She flipped!!!!!! They predict her to be about 7lbs.

Saturday, March 27
The big day! Look for the "Birth Story" post next...

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