Friday, March 5, 2010

I wish I knew what was going on

TMI and no paragraphs since I'm on my phone. I'm feeling really weird. It seems like something is up. Last night we went to dinner with DH's parents since it was his birthday. When I ran to the bathroom (ok, waddled) before the drive home, I noticed the crotch of my pants were wet. Noticeably wet as I was wearing grey capris. I had soaked thru the liner. Did the smell check. Wasn't sweet so I blocked it with my purse on the walk to the car. I wake up this morning with irregular but painful BHs towards the top of my belly. I had one really strong one like this on Wednesday in which my reaction stopped a whole lunch meeting. It caught me off guard and hurt like a biotch. I've had several this morning and they're quite painful. More than the average pull or pain, but of course not unbareable. Well, I just went to the bathroom and I had some brown spotting. I haven't had any in the least bit with this pregnancy. Add in all the swelling I've had this week and I just don't know what's going on. I hate calling the dr because normally there's nothing wrong or that they can do. Is this little one coming early? I want her healthy, but I'd totally love her coming sooner rather than later. I'm just so tired of puking almost everyday and the numbness is killing me. End rant.

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