Monday, March 8, 2010

Second to last nursery post

We did a lot in the nursery this weekend. I'll probably make one more post next week or so with everything. I still have to put up the decal, valence, etc.

Glider nook next to crib

Dresser with mirror and perfect hooks courtesy of Hobby Lobby. Lamp was blue and clearanced at Wal-Mart. I totally spraypainted it! My old jewelry box.


Nameblocks that I'll put the letters that make up her name when I decide what her name is.

Artwork I painted using ideas floating in my head and from some fabric that I didn't use in the quilt off Etsy.

Artwork above crib...

Stuffed tiger that has her heartbeat recorded in it. Cute, but useless! lolz

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johannaknip said...

You are so talented ma'am. Looks great!